Tall Poppies album cover 'Let's Go Out'

Tall Poppies on the Bridge

Tall Poppies album cover 'Let's Go Out'



Tall Poppies match neat, melodic indie pop with darker, creative notions. Australian twins Susan and Catherine spin tales of life from both sides of the planet alongside Diarmuid pulling at heart strings on violin and Doug Fink - previously the drummer in Noah and the Whale, injecting the energy on drums.


The band bear similarities to Kate Bush and Camera Obscura, with influences including the likes of The Smiths, David Bowie and Belle and Sebastian.  Working with London based producer Brian O'Shaughnessy  (produced Primal Scream's ‘Screamadellica’) as well as with Paul Tipler (Elastica, Idlewild, The Horrors, Stereolab), the new album 'Let's Go Out' was formed.

This is the first studio album the four piece have recorded together. Named after the title single, 'Let's Go Out' it's all about seizing the day and  soaking up the most of a Summer night.

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- 2 vocals


- electric guitar or acoustic guitar


-bass guitar


-violin DI




Can play as either duo, trio (either acoustic or electric) and as full four piece. 





Susan 07961233484


'Simply Irresistible'  Hugh Philimore, Sound Advice

'Tall Poppies music is like sex to the ears.' Steve Davenport CD BABY

‘Tall Poppies’ view of the world is an intelligent, engaging and entertaining one, artfully expressed, and well worth sharing in’. Oliver Arditi

'Their original and slightly skewed approach to songwriting caught my attention'  - Tom Robinson BBC 6 

'Upbeat but humorously dark, and not short of passion, wonderfully catchy indie pop' Peter Kimpton, writer for the Guardian

"They look super – all legs, knee socks, knowing grins to each other and glossy bobs. They sound even better – inch perfect harmonies, all Tanya Donelly crossed with Barbara Dickson(!), abetted by bass and guitar that is another texture, rather than just an aside." James G, SoundsXP.com

Cat Got Your Tongue has the unusual aspect of individualism and perfectionism in the midst of the indie genre. Nadine Walker Tenement TV

'There is chemistry here and a sense of purpose borne from a shared vision - whether these ladies are biological twins or just have a common goal, it certainly adds something to the music.' Listen wtih monger