Our time on set for 'Cat Got Your Tongue' video shoot

We had a fabulous time in Waltham Abbey on Sunday at a fantastic studio out in the country. Thank you to Clive for making it happen and Chris McNish for filming. Once we'd found the field and passed the barking dogs we were on the job.

Cath had been hard at work with costume design and sewing. You can see the final results on the video that is currently being edited. Finally we're reaping the rewards of her fashion studies. My contribution were less impressive... some cardboard masks and a trampoline. Diarmuid and Doug provided the entertainment of course. Clive has started Doug on his training as a tour guide :-)

'Cat Got Your Tongue' will be out at the end of the year. In the meantime we'll be putting out Heart Palpitations and a collection of tracks on the EP 'High Time' so keep an eye on the site.


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