What's going on

Well well, what a month, not to dwell on the political side of things we'll bring you some hopefully positive news. After a stream of shows around the UK this year we've had a quiet November gig wise as we've had our heads down and thumbs up trying to get some tracks down and polished for your listening pleasure. The new album is definitely going to be out next year. We promise. We're down to the last song and looking forward to launching it soon.

We've been recording some of the tracks with Brian O'Shaugnessy (known for his work with Primal Scream, Screamadellica). Here are some pictures of our adventures in Walthamstow.

And here are some pics of the recent show at Stane Street Syndicate, along with Hoodoo Daze. Thank you Dan for inviting us to play and support Oxfam. Thanks again to all for your support. We appreciate it!!

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