What do you know, it's a country show?

Well howdy y'all. Apologies, I've been bingeing on S-town podcasts that I now have a Southern voice in my head but it is quite apt as this weekend we are heading South. ... to South London that is for the Lambeth Country Show! We'll be on at 1pm on Sunday 16th July, at peak sunshine time so it would be lovely to see you there.

That's on Sunday. The fun doesn't end there. We'll also be playing on Hoxton Radio live for the Night Market with screening of Wimbledon and live music this Friday 14th. We'll make a racket while we watch them being swung about. (groan....John McEnroe style). ... see you there for 18:00.

We'll be prepping for another single release in October so will ya posted on that too.

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